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Prof. VIKRAM SONI is an astrophysicist by profession. However, deeply moved by environmental degradation and the irreversible harm we are causing to the living planet, he decided to devote time to this cause as a responsible scientist. He has authored many papers on environmental issues - many of them have been published in reputed journals. Besides this, he has made films on the floodplains and the ridge. See the knowledge and visual section for details. He has lead many movements from 1995 onwards. He is now busy in creating ‘Preserve and Use’, non invasive technologies with living natural resource. His commitment to the environmental cause can be gauged from the fact he has worked with his own finance - that too from his Professor’s salary after tax – for the last thirteen years.

KULDEEP NAYAR needs no introduction. He is a former High Commissioner to the U.K. and Member of Parliament. He is a well known journalist and writes for many national and international news papers. As a public face, his liaison with the Government has contributed importantly in highlighting these causes and bringing them to the notice of the authorities.

DIWAN SINGH is another active member of our group, who joined this campaign in 2004. He is one of the founding members of Sampoorn Parivartan, an NGO that worked on Right to Information led by the Magasaysay awardee, Arvind Kejriwal. Realizing that the state of Delhi was moving towards irreversible environmental damage with no young energy or a concerted campaign to stop it, Diwan Singh shifted his energies into the environmental movement. Since then he has been working almost full time for this cause. He joined the efforts of CPQLW and along with many supporting individuals and NGOs formed Ridge Bachao Andolan (RBA) in Jan, 2005. He has worked to raise public awareness and advocacy and in filing a PIL in the Supreme Court. This was in addition to a PIL that was filed by CPQLW. These PILs managed to stall the construction of five shopping malls on the ridge area for some months. The end was a mixed result. The violation of environmental law was admitted by the authorities. However, the malls went through, but the court ordered a stop to any further auction of land in this area. Presently, he, along with rest of group, is working on the issue of the Yamuna Floodplains, the ridge and impending infrastructural crisis in view of Master Plan of Delhi-2021. He has authored an article on water budget of Delhi. He is a management graduate and lawyer by profession but has given up his practice to give full time to the cause.

Prof. DESHDEEP SEHDEV, is a Physicist, and a Professor at IIT , Kanpur. He is one of the founding members of this group and has given vital scientific inputs. Presently, he occasionally provides his services.

KUMAR ONKARESHWAR , joined this group in May 2006. He is a law student with Delhi University. He worked for the movement to save Vasant Kunj ridge. He was press spokesman for the ridge campaign. Before this he volunteered for Narmada Bachao Andolan and for the welfare of the poor in the slums of Delhi and Bombay.

UDAY GOSAIN, an electronics engineer with a MNC, joined this group in 2005. In spite of his pre- occupation with his job, he has always made contributions, whenever needed.

PARVEEN AMANULLAH, presently residing in Patna, Bihar, has contributed a lot of energy and time, when the save ridge campaign was in dire need of volunteers. She contributed significant resources and energy needed for the campaign and infused energy at a critical moment.

AKASH MUDGAL, a local resident from Munirka village in South Delhi District, has been forthcoming with his help, whenever needed and keenly attached to the movement.

PRAKASH KUMAR, is a social activist, working for the most downtrodden section of society. In 2005, he and his team volunteered for Ridge Bachao Andolan. The sad uprooting of slums from the ridge area and being replaced by environmentally unsound shopping malls motivated him to fight for justice. He left his job a year back and has formed the first ever union of Rag Pickers called Kachra Kamgar Union in Delhi.

NGO FORUM: In 1996-97, during the fight to save the Vasant Kunj ridge from 13 international hotels project, many NGOs came together under this banner and played a significant role.

These are:

Toxic Links Ravi Aggarwal
Hazards Centre Dunu Roy
Kalpvriksh Prof. Parbhakar, Ajay Mahajan
Trees for Life Deepak Narula
Vatavaran Iqbal Malik
Force Jyoti Sharma
TAPAS Vinod Jain


Justice R SACHAR

In the Yamuna campaign, our major partners are :

Jal Biradari Rajender Singh
Peace Institute Manoj Mishra
Youth for Justice Kapil Mishra
URJA (United Residents Association) NN Mishra
Peasants Multi Purpose Society Master Baljit Singh
Parivartan Arvind Kejriwal
People’s Action Sanjay Kaul
Shaheed Bhagat Singh Brigade Suraj Bhan
Kalpvriksh Prof Parbhakar
Citizens’ Campaign for Water Democracy Saeed Naqvi
Tapas Vinod Jain





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